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Keep Your GM Factory Warranty Valid with

Lumberton Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac

GM certified Service Required Services

Use Maintenance I & II When Change Engine Oil Light Comes On

Maintenance I- starts at $49.95

Approximately 6,000 miles

Change engine oil & filter (includes 6qts.)

  • Synthetics & Diesels extra Reset oil life monitor
  • Lubricate chassis components
  • Rotate tires & set tire air pressure
  • Reset tire monitor (if necessary) Inspect brake system
  • Check & fill all under hood fluid levels
  • Inspect engine air cleaner filter or filter change indicator
  • Perform multi-point inspection

Maintenance II- starts at $69.95

Approximately 12,000 miles

Includes Maintenance 1 Plus:

  • Check transmission fluid – add as needed
  • Visually inspect front & rear suspension
  • Visually inspect power steering lines and hoses for leaks, cracks, and chafing
  • Inspect wiper blades
  • Inspect restraint components, seat reminder, seat belt retractors, & buckles
  • Lube all key lock cylinders
  • Lube all hinges (hood, doors, & trunk)
  • Balance all four tires

Lumberton Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac

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